The art of WUTAO

Influenced by the Taoist philosophy, Wutao has been created by a French couple, Pol Charoy and Imanou Risselard. Its name is based on the union of two ideograms: "Wu" for dance or awakening and "Tao", the way.

The practice of Wutao brings an awareness of the primal wavy motion of the spine while liberating the breath. It is an art of movement in tune with the needs of our time, when it is imperative to go back to the basics, to what is natural:

  • Reconnect with the intelligence of the body in order to feel more incarnated.
  • Taste the feeling that comes with the gesture.
  • Create links within oneself and with the environment.
  • Awake the soul of the body and find out your inner rythm.

Who can practice WUTAO?

Everyone - there is no age limit, no physical limitations either.

Wutao is accessible to everybody interested in discovering a way of moving and dancing respectful of the body.


About Kate

Kate has been training under the creators Pol Charoy and Imanou Risselard in the Wutao-Center Paris since 2011.
In 2014 she got successfully certified as Wutao teacher.

Workshops in Acores, Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal and on request.

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