The melody within

Inside every cell, inside every being

there is a sound, an inner rhythm.

Find your inner sound, explore and express it.

When words leave off, music begins.
— Heinrich Heine


What does humanity need the most?

Kate: "I'd say connection. Connection to oneself, connection to others, connection to nature. I experience this in music and through Wutao."

Wutao in DE.jpg

About Kate

Driven by the enthusiasm for life and the curiosity to discover the context behind everything, Kate studied medicine to start with understanding the human being.

However, once a medical doctor, working in a neurological clinic in Berlin, she found herself far away from life and the big picture - and miles away from real personal contact. After work, she never had the feeling of having made a real difference or having contributed to a better quality of life of her patients.

Treating symptoms instead of causes and cases instead of individuals. That's nothing she wanted to be part of and support any longer.

She wanted to assist people to heal themselves and unfold. So Kate gathered all her courage and quit her job as a medical doctor - to be able to fully dedicate herself towards that goal. To bring connection between people, connection to oneself and connection to life - as a Wutao-teacher, as a musician and simply as a human being.